Commercial & residential roofing experts

Insurance Claims

We can handle all the details, start to finish. 


From an entire exterior, to a simple accent wall.


Siding that will outlast your home.


We can install gutters for any roofing system.

Site Management

Let us deal with the stress of managing different contractors

Giving back to our community

Because we do so much work in the community, it gives us an opportunity to make a positive impact in the community; whether its donating a roof to a needy family who otherwise could not get one or helping coordinate and fund events that build self esteem in our youth and bring work torn families together for a day of fun in the neighborhood on us!

We pool some of the profit from every job, and welcome people in the P.A.I. family and community in general to participate, plan and attend with us!


People are important, and that means whats important to you is important to us!

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Client Testimonials

Michael is an honest, sincere, and professional businessman regarding his work ethic, and I believe those are critical, rare qualities to come across when doing business.”

Peter Ryoo - Pastor

P.A.I recently completed an insurance claim on a roof in one of my communities, and as confusing as it was, Michael was there with a smile to answer all my questions”

Monica | Community Manager

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