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Sometimes It’s hard to tell if your roof is performing properly. It’s the biggest part of protecting your home and what’s inside and people often overlook or don’t know the signs that indicate that there could be a problem.


Here are some things to consider…

Do you have stains or spots in your ceilings?

This is usually watering entering your roof. Even if there are no stains or spots, water can leak into the roof, staying behind the walls, rotting structural components of your home and in some cases hiding mold.


Do you have any missing shingles?

Shingles that are curled or clawed (clawed is curling the opposite way) these are signs of roof failure and end of shingle life.


Have you noticed any of your flashings raised broken or bent?

Metal flashings Are critical in keeping water out especially around chimneys and walls.


How old is your roof?

Can you see shiny strands on your shingles? This is exposed fiberglass after the granules have been displaced or worn off. Is your roof 15-20 years old? These are the years we start to see problems. It’s time to have it looked at! Rarely do we think about “maintenancing” our roof however, routine maintenance of our roof is whats needed to get a full lifespan out of our shingles.


Request an inspection or a quote. All of our inspections and quotes are free and come with an educational consultation.

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Roof Installations

We’ve adopted the strictest guidelines when it comes to installing a roof, taking the best practices from manufacturers, engineers, building codes and personal experience and combining them together in a comprehensive checklist installation that is done in stages and each stage is inspected, documented with photos and signed off on before the next stage begins. This is all done with the collective expertise of our dedicated crews that we’ve known and worked with for many years, being the same crews that have worked together and together with us time and time again. This is a huge must when it comes to the camaraderie and accountability that is needed in a team for such a technical thing as waterproofing.

Roof Inspections

The starting place is inspecting your roof to identify the problem and the needed solution. Our inspections are free and are followed with an educational consultation of what we find. We also have on staff, HAAG engineering certified inspectors. HAAG Engineering are the authority on what damage is to a roof, including storm damage from hail and wind and also how to properly install a roof.   

Roof Repairs

All repairs are not created equal. When we talk about repairs we always start with what would be considered “correct” by manufacturers and industry experts. We would rather repair your roof rather than replace it prematurely. A proper repair can often extend the life of a roof for many years, saving a property owner from taking on more damage and spending money unnecessarily.

Insurance Claims

Handling an insurance claim on your property can be confusing and very time consuming and then how do you know if there was anything that was missed or mismeasured and that the estimate was accurate. I’ve seen insurance estimates missing thousands of dollars of expenses that should’ve been there. Adjusters are very busy and mistakes are common. We handle everything from meeting with the adjuster initially at your property for the inspection, reviewing the approved scope of work from the insurance company and carrying out all work prescribed by the insurance company, keeping you in the loop and getting your approval every step of the way.

Finally, when all the work is done, we share with you tips for getting discounts (sometimes as much as 50%) on your premiums for updating and improving your property, putting savings back into your pocket.

Manufacturer Certification

Qualified to install any roof, we find that most homeowners and property owners after researching materials and warranties, choose GAF, the largest manufacturer in North America, we are proud to be a certified GAF contractor. We also have on staff a “HAAG Ingineering certified inspector” HAAG engineering are the leading authority in “storm damage” and defeciencies in roofing and how to properly install a roof.

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